MYE AppAudio® Club TV Audio on Smartphones with FREE Marketing Features

A simple, FREE AppAudio download from the iTunes or Google Play store enables your members to enjoy club TV audio on their Apple or Android devices from any television monitor installed anywhere in your facility - in the cardio area, while strength training or in the locker room. They listen and you boost sales and retention with the FREE MYE AppAudio Mobile Marketing platform.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • Easy member AppAudio downloads from the iTunes or Google Play store provide mobile club TV audio listening anywhere in your facility.
  • Analytics Reporting total number of users, number of times used, channels listened and more.
  • The exclusive, feature-packed and totally FREE MYE AppAudio Mobile Marketing service enables you to increase sales and motivate your members with direct marketing on their smartphones. Upload your club promotional banner ads, special offers, class schedules and more using the secure AppAudio online platform.
  • Exclusive MYE Technology provides seamless AppAudio integration with your current MYE, Cardio Theater, Broadcast Vision or other TV audio transmitters.

MYE AppAudio is covered by US Patent 8,495,236. Additional US Patents Pending.

Frequently Asked Questions

FREE, Feature-Packed Marketing Platform

Welcome Ad or Video

A Welcome Ad or Video is the first thing that members see each time the app is opened. You set the amount of seconds before your Ad or Video can be skipped.

Scrolling Promotional Banners

Upload promotional banners that scroll every few seconds. Website links can be added that direct to external links when selected.

Special Offers

Upload your Special Offers and Rewards. Members select to redeem or learn more. Offers are removed automatically after the expiration date.

Information Section

Upload Class Schedules, Special Event details or any PDF document for members to view on their mobile devices.

App Branding

Personalize the app with your facility logo and corporate colors.

MYE AppAudio Featured in Popular Club Mobile Apps

MYE AppAudio is integrated in the leading club mobile apps. Members can select AppAudio to enjoy TV audio on their Apple and Android devices anywhere in the facility directly within the following club mobile apps. We also offer a simple AppAudio Software Development Kit for integration into your own custom club mobile app.

Why Choose AppAudio? Experience You Can Trust.

Your facility, most likely, already has MYE Fitness Entertainment technology. For over 20 years MYE management and engineers have developed products and technology for the fitness industry marketed under various brands including Cardio Theater, Broadcast Vision, Enercise, Fitness Audio, Cybex, Life Fitness, Matrix, Nautilus, Octane, Precor, SportsArt, Star Trac, StairMaster, Technogym, True and Sci-Fit. MYE Entertainment understands the needs of commercial fitness operators better than any company from outside of our industry.

MYE Customer Testimonials

"We like the fact that members can be mobile with TV audio, allowing them the freedom to fully experience the cardio area, strength circuit, free-weight area and mobility sections of the facility. Feedback from our members confirms that we did indeed make a smart choice with MYE AppAudio. They love it.”

"AppAudio is amazing. Now I'm not tied to a cardio machine if I want to listen to the news. I can listen everywhere in the gym and it’s a life-saver."

"We looked at similar systems but decided to buy from a well established company like MYE Fitness Entertainment. Our members rave about AppAudio and by far one of the best amenities we've offered in a long time. Plus MYE customer support is the best in the industry."

"I am in love with this new TV app! I am able see ahead of time what classes are available and when my favorite instructors are teaching!"

“The students and staff at the SUNY Cortland Student Life Center absolutely love AppAudio. When we speak about AppAudio the patrons get so excited to be able to listen to TVs on their phone. The staff also likes the ability to post information, schedules and promotions. We are so happy we went with AppAudio and the MYE staff were very helpful in teaching us the technology aspects of the system.”

“Since we have installed AppAudio things have been stellar. The learning curve for our members was minimal and the operation is wonderful. I cannot tell you how many members have thanked me for getting this installed. I was skeptical at first but I have been proven wrong as the AppAudio system is excellent.”

MYE AppAudio Interview

Steve Cook, Kearns Quirrh Park Fitness Center Marketing and Events Director click to read

The AppAudio System

The professional-grade MYE AppAudio System streams low-latency audio over Wi-Fi from TVs, and other audio sources, to be heard on Apple or Android devices via a listening app available on iTunes or Google Play stores. There are two types of AppAudio systems to meet your installation needs.

AppAudio Multi-Channel System - The original AppAudio multi-input system is available in 4 input increments up to 64 inputs and ships ready to connect in a single space industrial grade metal enclosure. Highly flexible and scalable, the AppAudio system meets the requirements of any size facility and comes with a 2-year warranty.

AppAudio Solo Wi-Fi Audio Transmitter - A single input unit, AppAudio Solo is connected directly to TVs or other audio sources and easily links to an existing Wi-Fi network. AppAudio Solo features include built-in Wi-Fi antenna, analog and optical connectors, powered by standard wall plug or USB, a 3-year warranty and optional rack mounting bracket ears.


Hear Your Cardio Theater Style Club TV Audio System on the AppAudio Smartphone App

Easily integrate your existing MYE, Cardio Theater, Broadcast Vision or other TV transmitters to AppAudio with the optional MYE TV Audio Grabber.

  • Receives audio from your current TV audio Transmitters to be heard on smartphones.
  • Provides TV Audio to all of your club members, with or without a smartphone.
  • Eliminates the need to wire TV audio cables directly to AppAudio Wi-Fi system.

AppAudio Member Promotional Materials

Each MYE Fitness Entertainment AppAudio system comes with promotional materials to educate and excite your members about the benefits of using the AppAudio app.

TV Number Signs

Table / Counter Tents

Vinyl Cardio Machine Stickers

Member Handout Cards

MYE AppCardioTV App for Technogym Unity Consoles

The MYE AppCardioTV audio app on Technogym Unity Consoles provides audio from wall or ceiling mounted TVs. An extension of the popular MYE AppAudio mobile TV audio app, with AppCardioTV members simply open the app on the Technogym Unity Console, select the desired TV and listen with their headphones.

"The benefit for club members is they may now listen to TVs on and off the cardio machine," stated Tony Garcia, MYE president. "They can listen while on Technogym Unity machines during their cardio workout and continue to listen on their Apple or Android smartphones with their AppAudio mobile app anywhere in the facility. The benefit for club operators is that both apps work off the same MYE AppAudio system."

MYE Entertainment and its global network of authorized dealers work directly with Technogym customers on the sale and installation of the MYE AppAudio Wi-Fi audio system compatible with Technogym Unity Consoles as well as member Apple and Android smartphones.

The MYE AppCardioTV option provides operators with the benefit of offering TV audio on their cardio machines in a traditional manner, to serve the entire membership with entertainment options, because not all members bring their smartphones to every exercise session.

MYE AppAudio is covered by US Patent 8,495,236. Additional US Patents Pending.

App demo audio tracks courtesy Zzyzx Films and Grand Cru Music